Dear citizens and guests of the capital of our Homeland!

I'm glad to welcome you on the official web-site of Kyiv City Council. Despite the difficulties of current situation, we look forward to future changes with a hope and are working hard on overcoming all of the obstacles and develop our native city. We strive to be understood by all of the citizens and make our actions open and transparent, especially the ones, concerning decisions, which have a significant impact on the life of the community. We urge you to join our efforts of making Ukrainian capital blossom. Kyiv City Council is open to your initiatives and proposals. Kyiv – is the biggest city of Ukraine. It is also modern and unique. It is the city, which unifies glorious historical traditions and innovations of modernity. I sincerely hope, that a city community as a whole, and each individual separately, will actively participate in developing cultural and economic potential of Kyiv.


Respectfully, Deputy Mayor – Secretary of Kyiv City Council

Volodymyr Prokopiv


                                                 Basic Tasks

The Secretariat of Kyiv City Council is formed by Kyiv City Council pursuant to Article 14 of the Law of Ukraine «On the Capital of Ukraine – Hero City of Kyiv» and is subjected to the Mayor.

The Secretariat is guided in its' actions by the Constitution of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine, the resolutions of Supreme Council of Ukraine, decrees and orders of the President of Ukraine, the resolutions and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, other legal acts, decisions of Kyiv City Council, the Regulations of Kyiv City Council, the orders of Mayor, Deputy Mayor – Secretary of Kyiv City Council and the Provisions of the Secretariat, approved by the order of the Mayor №69 «On the approval of the Provisions of the Secretariat of Kyiv City Council» dated 07.07.2014.

The Secretariat carries out organizational, legal, informational, analytical and technical maintenance of Kyiv City Council, its activities, bodies, and deputies and facilitates the cooperation of Kyiv City Council with Kyiv City State Administration.

The Head of the Secretariat is Deputy Mayor – Secretary of Kyiv City Council, who carries out the functions and powers, provided by current legislation. The structure, number of workers of the Secretariat and necessary expenditures are approved by Kyiv City Council upon the proposal of the Mayor. The staff list of the Secretariat is approved by Mayor upon the proposal of Deputy Mayor – Secretary of Kyiv City Council. Departments of the Secretariat and other structural departments carry out their obligations provided by the respective provisions, approved by the Deputy Mayor – Secretary of Kyiv City Council. The Law of Ukraine “On the Service within the Bodies of Local Self-government” and the labor legislation of Ukraine are applied to the workers of the Secretariat.

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